Register Your Walk

Once you have read over these guidelines and have planned your walk details, please register your walk on our website to start inviting others to join. Please write the time, route (start and end location), and other details in the “Walk Description” field. TELL will send a confirmation email for your walk and list your walk on our Find a Walk page for people to find your walk and register. TELL can also provide you with a range of promotional information for your walk.


Register Other Walkers

You can either have your walkers register independently or register on the day. As part of this year’s theme of ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’, we are asking participants to gather signatures either before or during your walk on the tote bag you receive at the start of the walk.


Promote Your Walk,  Recruit Volunteers, and Raise Important Funds

It will be important to think about how you will promote your walk and ask other walkers to help you spread the word.

  • Encourage friends and families to join you or sponsor you for the number of signatures you collect.
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Dedicate the walk to someone you have lost to suicide
  • Take photos of your event and share them on your story site
  • Raise important funds for the Lifeline, to help the line go 24/7

The ideas listed above are just a start. Have a meeting with everyone involved in planning your walk and take some time to brainstorm different ways to make your event more interesting. You may be surprised at the number of great ideas you can come up with.


Activities on the Day

  • Welcome your participants, and go over the walk directions, the end point, and contact numbers.
  • Hand out the Walkie Talkie tote bags, pens, and Save a Life postcards.
  • Discuss how your participants will gather signatures and hand out postcards.
  • Start your walk with an opening reflection, you may create your own or use some of the suggestions off our awareness page. Important issues to think about are the number of lives lost in Japan or worldwide and the link between suicide and depression and the cost of stigma. Research has consistently shown a strong link between suicide and depression, with 90% of the people who die by suicide having an existing mental illness or substance abuse problem at the time of their death. Most importantly, the stigma around the topic of suicide often keeps people who are feeling suicidal from openly talking about their thoughts with family and friends and from seeking help, treatment, and support. Stigma is also one of the biggest barriers in the grief process for survivors of suicide and families members struggling with the loss of a loved one. All this means that the stigma associated with suicide can actually cause suicides. The aim of the walk is to shine a spotlight on these issues and talk openly about the loss of lives that can be saved with support, connections, and education
  • Discuss the goal of this year’s theme ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’ and how to use the Talkie Walkie tote bags.
  • Finish your walk with an end reflection and provide space for reflection, encourage participants to be thoughtful and open by creating an opportunity for reflective space

If any of the volunteers become distressed please ask them to contact the TELL Lifeline.